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Lavera's paintings contain such a personal language that it's impossible to classify. Upon first viewing, one might think ¡t a form of abstract expressionism but, upon closer viewing, more figurative forms are revealed. Navigating through the compositions, one notices colours, lines, planes and gestural strokes that evoke the images of recognisable forms that are fashioned with minimal references.


From the core of each work, the images seem to explode with eccentric and brightly coloured forms that generate striking contrasts of expressiveness that appear to have Ieapt from the artist's unconscious imagination. This is when one realises the surrealistic world Lavera manifests with an almost frenzied passion, and which conveys to the viewer a certain state of inner commotion. Among the recognisable forms are symbols, objects and everyday forms that approach the style of Pop Art. Psychedelic cartoons, rabid cats, race cars, tables, and blurred faces, all are a series of heterogeneous elements that are analogous to us.


Lavera manages to shake the viewer away from the immediate and recognisable world, nonetheless there is something of the familiar ¡n her paintings that resonate with the viewer; there are forms that, though invented, could not be more real, there are imagined monsters that exist perfectly, in the painting's background there is a tumultuous sea, and there ¡s the rendering of a symbolic space of complete creative and expressive liberty.

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